Amaro Obsession



Campodarsego, Pd

It was only a matter of time, and following the new trends of world drinking, or better to say, the new needs to drink low or without alcohol, here is born the Non-Alcoholic Amaro. It is called The Bitter Note and born from a brilliant entrepreneurial mind, the idea really comes initially from a personal experience of the founder, who sees her father fall ill and live the last years of his life without being able to enjoy moments of conviviality because of forcibly teetotaler. As an energetic businessman and a lover of good food and good drink, he feels inhibited from continuing to organize the pleasant evenings in the company that often took place in the tavern of his house, a meeting place with friends, where he listened to music chatting and drinking something in the company. Hence the revolutionary idea that springs from the third generation of a family with over 70 years of entrepreneurial history in the world of food and beverage. The spirit of observation, the skills in the world of alcohol-free and innovation in DNA have allowed to the Company members to identify an idea that contained all the ingredients to become a case of international success, combining the two major trends in the beverage industry: Amaro and alcohol-free. Active only since October The Bitter Note comes to life after a careful analysis of the market and the fact that soon the Amaro will be the reference spirit of the world beverage market going to replace the Gin and cancel the spirits of Agave, also because an Amaro has much to tell with its versatility and complexity, the result of tradition and endless alchemical experiments to balance the countless botanicals that often are part of it. The production of The Bitter Note is entrusted to a historic Venetian liqueur Company that in the past has given life to products such as Cynar, Vov and Biancosarti and in particular to the predestined Alberto Dondi of the last generation who, with his skills and knowledge, develops The Bitter Note as an ancient herbalist or a modern Master Blender, able to produce a product of great quality after many tests and overcoming many problems due to the preservation of an alcohol-free product, also thanks to the support of the University of Padua, in particular the DAFNE Department. The final touch to the product, before being put on the market, was given by an important professional of the world industry, Aristotelis Papadopoulos, former World Class World Champion, who represents it worldwide as Global Brand Ambassador. The recipe involves the use of more than 40 herbs, whose aroma and active ingredient is transmitted to the Amaro using for each a different method, but the best for the genus of botanical. For example, 36 herbs, roots and spices are infused, artichoke leaves and other aromatic herbs use decoction, Veneto teriaca is extracted and finally angostura and quassia wood through maceration. Finally, they are mixed, balanced and left to rest before bottling. The Amaro The Bitter Note is like its name, characterized by 7 notes of flavor, so it will turn to the palate, bitter, balsamic, herbaceous, fresh, spicy, citrus and sweet and although there is no alcohol the pleasure will be the same as drinking a normal Amaro. In tasting it appears dark in color, with amber tones, the nose opens with the scent of bitter roots, fresh mint and rhubarb; on the palate, it is striking for the softness of the sip, characterized by a rich profile, markedly bitter and pleasantly aromatic. Who and why should have to consume a non-alcoholic Amaro? What many persons could think to be in contrast is instead incredibly in trend, not futuristic but ever closer. Meanwhile, the moment of the Amaro is and will soon be also in Italy, and few people know this widespread by the OMS: 48% of adults do not drink alcohol. Even if the range of drinks, juices, tea and aperitifs without alcohol is very large, there is no alternative of the “adult” flavor for those looking for a more mature experience, by necessity or by choice. Yet the number of teetotalers grows double-digit every year, and the major international companies are observing with interest how the alcohol-free drink market is evolving. Furthermore, let us not forget that the new generations of consumers are focused on making their life health & happy, consume and surround themselves with artisan, niche and quality products. The Bitter Note is, therefore, a drink that has all the strength of a great classic: the Italian Herbal Amaro, a versatile product to drink neat as a digestive after-dinner, on the rocks with ice to open scents and aromas with the addition of a citrus zest, mixed in a wonderful drink like an Amaro Sour or hot as a digestive and invigorating Punch.

In short, if you do not believe that The Bitter Note can replace in all respects an excellent Amaro with an alcoholic base remove the doubt by addressing to:


Matteo Zed