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From the arid lands of the Molise inland, where the thermal excursions temper the plants, the air is clean, the waters are clear, we research and select the best aromatic and medicinal herbs. We adopt a craft production, that enhances the old and new recipes.

Using this phrase that Franco Passarelli, owner of Saporicentroitalia, producer of the Amaro Root 13 of which we speak today, introduces himself to me. Franco Passarelli decided to give life to his production a few years ago and it all stems from the passion for food, the good one that expresses all the flavors of his land. He strongly believes that eating is the enjoyment of high-quality food that sinks its roots into the earth. Franco is so passionate that he never stops looking for new excellences in the traditional recipes of Central Italy. He thinks therefore of improving the quality of his life using only quality products, cultivated spontaneously in the biological regime. After the death of his father, Franco is to inherit the uncultivated fields of Central Italy and the Molise inland, where he discovers numerous wild herbs: fennel, mint, chicory, radassaco, gramigna, rosemary, oregano, marjoram, etc., herbs rich in healing properties for our body. Thus began a skillful selection and processing to extract its digestive, purifying, anti-inflammatory and aromatic properties, which can improve the health of our body. So Saporicentroitalia has created a range of products with low alcohol content: Amari, liqueurs, elixirs, using alcohol as a disinfectant and preservative of essences extracted from herbs, as well as a vehicle of the substances extracted for our body. From this research and the goal of extracting by the plants all the beneficial substances, in order to delight the palate of their customers Amaro Root 13 is born, an Amaro that uses in maceration 13 herbs all with digestive functions and all spontaneous herbs present in the properties of the producer. Amaro Root 13 born perfect at the first test, it is subsequently improved filtration and therefore the clarity of the product. It’s initially produced in small quantities to offer to friends who appreciate it and the Amaro begins to be part of a ritual that is repeated at the end of each summer dinner in which Franco and his friends after tasting a bit of Amaro Root 13 give life to a liberating night bath at sea. From that moment Amaro Root 13 began to be produced for sale and immediately received a good success. The name ROOT could suggest the use of some roots in the formulation of the product, instead it refers to the Molisan roots of the product, totally inspired and made with the natural elements of the land where it originates, and to the burping (root = burp in Molisan slang) that in the popular tradition represents digestion satisfaction after an elaborate meal and tender taste. Amaro Root 13 is a very herbaceous Amaro that immediately reveals a strongly vegetal character to the nose, on the palate, shows a slight sweetness typical of old school Amari, the alcoholic tip is pleasant and does not burn in the throat, the persistence on the palate is long and leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth.

Amaro Root 13 is available for purchase on the website saporicentroitalia.

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