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Amaro Obsession, as always for you, travels around Italy to discover great quality products that the majority of us unfortunately don’t know. Today we dedicate one of our pages to Trentino Alto Adige region and more precisely to an amarothat for quality, packaging and peculiarities of its ingredients and flavors deserves a place of honor in the excellence of bitters market. Its mind, creator, master distiller is a brilliant, extravagant and creative man who experiments and creates spectacular distillates: Mr. Florian Rabanser.

“You don’t have to be crazy to distill great schnapps, but it’s really helpful”

Plunhof at Siusi allo Sciliar was first documented in the 14th century. At one time, the whole farm belonged to the grounds of Burg Hauenstein (Castelvecchio) and was therefore the property of none other than the famous minnesinger Oswald von Wolkenstein, but even him, with his wild fantasies, would have hardly imagined that one day, here at 1000 meters above sea level, would be producing fine distillations and brandies of the best quality, which are sold internationally.Florian Rabanser, the master distiller at Plunhof established the distillery Zu Plun ten years ago. The passionate “hobby distiller” made his entry into the world of professional distilling with the alpine classics, which are still available in their assortment of products today: typical plum, apricot, apple, and pear brandies; seven pure grappa, of which two are aged in oak barrels; berry brandies: like blackthorn, raspberry, and currant; also distillations of gentian, juniper and rowan berry. As if this were not enough, in 2007, after Plunhof became one of the first farm distilleries to switch to the system of small, united distilleries, a new phase of experimentation and boundless creativity began. As a result, the assortment of spirits that the distillery Zu Plun offers includes a number of distillations, which are really unusual for this region, namely rum and gin. The first rum distilled in the Dolomites goes by the French name for this spirit “Rhum” and asserts itself on the international stage. Its success is not only due to its unconventional location of origin, but mainly due to its superior quality, for which it was awarded a silver medal and the “best in class” rating at the IWSC (International Wine and Spirit Competition). In addition to our Rhum, they produce another distillate, which is uncommon in the Alpine area: Gin delle Dolomiti “DolGin”, which consists of 24 different herbs. This gin of superb quality is distilled solely of botanicals grown here in the Dolomites. 


Juith is an amaro with an agricultural alcoholic base, fruit, flowers and botanicals are infused with well-defined rhythms that give to the spirit a fantastic roundness. Italian jujubes marry sweet flowers of chamomile, giving the birth to Juith, the thrilling natural amaro based on jujubes. As the other great products of the distillery, Juith is a creation studied by the great master distiller Florian Rabanser, mixing scientific knowledge and passion. To the nose is scented with floral and fresh notes while to the palate is soft and fragrant, the finale is pungent, while his alcoholic note makes the structure extraordinarily harmonious. Juith is perfect alone or on the rocks, especially after a good meal or during a night party, it’s also an ideal ingredient for new cocktails.

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