Amaro Obsession




The amaro category includes many subcategories, including the china elixir. The china elixir (or china elisir) is a medicinal preparation based on alcoholic extracts of calissaya cinchona bark originally used, between half end 700 and 800, as a drug in the fight against malaria. The china elixir asserts itself in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century as an evolution of flavored quinine wines, preparations in which wine, thanks to the natural alcohol content, was used during the process of maceration of bark in order to extract the active principles. Then, on the first half of the 19th century, with the identification and isolation of active principles of cinchona (by Caventau and Pelletier) cease the use of this preparation as antimalarial in favor of more active pharmaceutical forms. The china elixir is still used as a tonic, eupeptic digestive. Among many of these productions and formulations deserves attention the Ferro China Baliva something more than a digestive. The recipe of Dr. Baliva of 1894, an infusion made of bark of cinchona enriched by virtue of iron, it awarded 8 gold medals. A distinctive, strong and bitter flavor for those who want something more from a digestive. On the wave of the previous famous Ferro China Bisleri, the ancient Ferro China Baliva is delicately alcoholic and wisely measured out in his property, is the first liqueur to have a metal (iron ammonium citrate to fight malaria anemic post effects), designed to enhance the natural virtues of the china bark notes as anti-malarial. Ferro China Baliva is made from an infusion of bark and roots such as china, gentian, bitter orange zests and other lesser-known plants like condurango or black cohosh; in addition to these, the ammonium iron citrate allows more iron absorption by the body. In the version of irradiated, was submerged in infused a golden spiral; everything was so connected to electricity so you have gold ions in the drink that could increase the benefits of Ferro China. The product was later sold as a medicinal elixir in pharmacies. This world famous bitter liqueur prepared according to an ancient recipe of Comm. Dr. Ernesto Baliva, already hospitals Doctor in Rome: award-winning product with 8 gold medals, 4 big prizes and Grand Prix license plate exposure of social hygiene in Rome in 1912. Since 1894 the Ferro China Baliva limited was widely appreciated and liked by generations of consumers of all ages.In the early years of the 20th century, the mothers of the time beat the egg and mixed it with the Ferro China Baliva to help their children grow.

Matteo Zed