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Trentino Alto Adige

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Giuseppe Cappelletti was born in 1880 in Ciago di Vezzano a small town on the Brenta Dolomites slopes. There wasn’t hunger, but there wasn’t much money. Caring for herbs wasn’t a cool way to heal, but a necessity given by the high cost of medicines. So Giuseppe began as a boy to collect and market the medicinal herbs of his mountains, until the day when his passion is embodied in the Herbalist Diploma achieved in 1932. Around 20’s he begins to work on his main idea to succeed to bring the benefits of medicinal plants to those who did not want to engage in laborious preparations. Since every herb, root, and flower must be treated differently obtain the best results, he decoctions infused and macerated to an alcoholic base that guaranteed its maintenance over time. The Elisir Novasalus was born. The name derives from its passages: Elisir della Salute – Elisir della Nuova Salute – Elisir Novasalus. The secret of its formula lies in the exact combination and doses of the numerous constituent plants (more than 30 including burdock, dandelion, aloe vera, gentian, frangula). Elisir Novasalus helps all the organs to work better (stomach, liver, gall bladder, intestines, pancreas and colon) improving the functioning of the organism thus avoiding the need for drastic interventions.
It is a complete product, easy to use, that conserves all the benefits of the medicinal herbs without complicating the how-to-use instructions. It can be used only when needed or for long periods without causing any problems. To be taken after meals to help digestion, changes in climate or season, quench the thirst of a hot summer’s day, or as an irreplaceable friend in everyday life.

Aroma: mountain herbs
Taste: bitterish, herbal, fresh; leaves a fresh and clean mouth
Alcoholcontent: 16% vol.[:]