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Legend tells that the mythical Hercules, after defeating Lestrigoni, people of the South of Lazio, dried up a swamp and built the city of Sezze. The name of this city of Lazio derives from the bristles of the Leone Nemeo with which the Hero was proud to cover himself. In honor of this superb founder the Setini (people of Sezze) erected a majestic temple and wanted the symbol of the city to be forever the white rampant lion, that Hercules killed, bearing a cornucopia in his claws full of the goods of the territory and framed by the inscription:

Setia plena bonis gerit albi signa leonis.

Sezze full of goods carries the insignia of the white lion.

xsdAurora s.r.l. is a Company born precisely in the city of Sezze from the passion of a group of friends. The Company immediately distinguished itself in the production and distribution of artisanal Amari such as the Elisir Amaro al Carciofo Setino, the Elisir d’Alloroand the Elisir Amaro all’Oliva Itrana. Aurora s.r.l. products are made following the dictates of craftsmanship and using only simple and genuine ingredients. The strong link with the territory and the careful processing of raw materials give the Company’s products a unique and unmistakable flavor. The Elisir Amaro al Carciofo (Artichoke) Setino (Cynara Scolymus L.) is linked to the mythology of the Ancient World, as is the area where the raw material grows for its production. The name “Cynara” derives from the word “cenere” (ash), which is the color of the hair of a young girl who Jupiter had fallen in love and who was transformed into an artichoke plant, while the indication of the species “Scolymus” indicates the thorniness of the plant. The artichoke grows in Sezze territory is distinguished by its rounded shape combined with the ash-green color, its typical fragrance and the softness of the heart. The Elisir Amaro al Carciofo Setino is obtained by processing only the fresh leaves of Cynara Scolymus L., coming from the local traditional cultivation and harvested in the best balsamic moment. This Amaro contains all the virtues of an excellent digestive and thanks to its versatility, its unique taste, round and harmonious, it is pleasant to enjoy it at any time of day: neat, On The Rocks or as an ingredient for mixing amazing cocktails.

For those, like us of Amaro Obsession, who want to fall in love with the Elisir Amaro al Carciofo Setino, please contact:

Via Montagna, 56 bis

Sezze (LT) 04018 Italy

Mobile +39 3928907227 – +39 3477971819 – +39 3406031483

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