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Bordiga is a historic Italian distillery founded in Cuneo, in 1888 by Pietro Bordiga. Its founder is an herbalist and a great expert on Alpine and Oriental botanicals. After the family moved to Turin, Pietro married the daughter of the family who owned the famous Caffè Dilei. The herbalist starts with the first recipe from Vermouth, which immediately had a great success. He later opened his distillery in Cuneo. The choice of place is due to two factors: the place of origin of the Bordiga and the geographical position, at the gates of the Langa area known for the famous Piemontese wine. Moreover, Cuneo is located at the foot of the Alpine valleys where they grow splendid medicinal herbs influenced by the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea. This perfect mix allows Carlo Bordiga to process many products including several Amaro labels, including Chiot Montamaro, Centoerbe, Amaro Dilei and St. Hubertus. The production of these Amaro still today follows the old recipes improved over time. All botanicals come mainly from the surrounding Alps and are still hand-picked with care and dedication. Amaro Chiot Montamaro does not have very high alcohol content despite the low alcohol content, the product is loaded with explosive flavors of infusions and distillates of herbs and flowers of the territory of origin.

Please find contacts of Distilleria Bordiga 1888 below, to have more information about its great products.

Distilleria Bordiga 1888

Via Valle Maira, 98

12100 Cuneo

Tel. +39 0171611091

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