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Castegnato BS

This is the story of two friends Alessandro Ortogni, Andrea Corezzola, fellows in the soccer team and in interminable matches of “Cicera Bigia” (The normal broom I imagine) that together gave birth to a beautiful fable of Amaro Zerotrenta. Alessandro and Andrea always keep repeating that Amaro Zerotrenta was born from their strong and sincere friendship, where the perception that together, each with their own attitudes, could have achieved a good project was always in the air, but the amaro was born almost as a joke Between one match and the other at the “green table”, but probably it was the project that best suited them, and yes because these guys besides being big consumers of amaro and liquors of various (… and dubious) backgrounds during their evenings of chance, had both Right knowledge to produce a great quality amaro…. Alessandro is, in fact, graduated in herbal sciences with a thesis on “medicinal Wines” and an herbalist in that of Castegnato, perfectly in symbiosis with the pragmatism and vision of Andrea, instead environmental engineer. Thus began the path of Amaro Zerotrenta, more precisely after the Union of intent with the research for a company that could manage their requests, Alessandro and Andrea, unfortunately, have to clash with a market that (in the name of the God Money) advised against the use of natural ingredients or particularly daring techniques. So from Lombardy there was a turn on a distillery of Treviso (Genziana Srl) in which with the help of master liqueur Alessandro Carlassare, with his professionalism, fairness, education and especially with the desire to invest in a young and unknown reality and, it came out a product that appeared immediately excellent and that could easily fit on the counters and bottles of the vast majority of the premises (from the 5-star hotel in the suburban bar) not only in Brescia but of the whole nation. As they themselves report, Amaro Zerotrenta even before an amaro is the expression of a common way of understanding things, where the specific skills, and passion are concretizes in a Liquor that wants to amaze and consolidate more and more in the national market, even Thanks to the intriguing packaging. Nomen Omen said and thought the Romans, and in the Amaro Zerotrenta are read the alcoholic degrees, deliberately contained, the liquor, but in its entire expression the homage to an equally desired brescianità, which goes beyond the choice of entrusting the direct elaboration to a Distillery Treviso, chosen with attention because it is able to well interpret their recipe, to respect the choices voted to the best is possible to find in the topic of quality of the ingredients. At the base the star anise, the gentian, licorice and rosemary, which melt thanks to a shrewd use of sugar and alcoholic presences. The result is a modern amaro, without sluggishness or extreme traits, which is expressed with ethereal and slightly balsamic notes in a round body but not devoid of freshness, ideal at the end of the meal in wonderful solitude but capable of expressing itself unsuspably in the company of Ice and essential oil of a couple of lemon zest, squeezed and then dropped into the glass. There is also an even more particular version, from meditation, where the body is enriched by the addition of little grappa of Amarone and perfumes, flavours, of a stop in wooden barrels.

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