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In 2014, a young guy from Terni, Maurizio Cappelletti, met a master of the art of producing liqueurs, who handed down the techniques, secrets, and experience of this work. Together they decide to give new life to ancient recipes of the Ternana liqueur tradition. Maurizio Cappelletti and Rosaria De Angelis (wife of the famous liquorist), set up in Terni, in the green heart of Umbria, the Liquorificio M.C.P. It will take two years of experience and research to arrive at a new formula, able to combine tradition and originality in a unique and inimitable blend of herbs and roots. Born: Amaro Vallenera. The name Vallenera derives from the desire to express the natural character of the new Amaro, obtained from infusions of herbs and roots typical of the Umbrian territory and of the river Nera. The Cascata delle Marmore, the main symbol of the Valle del Nera, has thus become an identifying element of this Amaro. The territory, rich in beech, oak and olive trees, offers fragrant woods, flowers and roots that are used for the preparation of Amaro Vallenera, together with the classic botanicals such as gentian, of which the territory is very rich. These, harvested and dried, are put into alcohol infusion over a long period of time, in which they release all their properties, aromas and flavors. The processes of pressing and processing,entirely handcrafted, they allow to obtain precious infusions of herbs and roots, which skillfully blend to form the “mother dose”, essence of Amaro Vallenera. Once the work has been completed, a period of aging will still be necessary to enhance the unmistakable aromatic tones of Amaro Vallenera, making it unique and inimitable expression of Italian territorial excellence. The Liquorificio M.C.P. it also produces other Amaro and liqueurs, always enhancing the high quality raw materials offered by the Umbrian territory. Among these, “Amaro al Tartufo Nero di Norcia”, made by infusing the precious Umbrian tuber, the “Liquore Genziana Vallenera”, the “Nocino”, “Saffron Liqueur”, “Liqueur with Hemp”, “Moka”, “Grappa di Sagrantino”, “Elisir d’Amore”, “Limo’ Vallenera”, “Grappa di Sagrantino al Tartufo”.

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