Amaro Obsession




Piemonte region has always been, but especially in recent times, represents the iconic region of Italian Liquors production, home to many known Vermouth and liqueurs, but few represent the territoriality as the amaro San Simone. This amaro well-known in the Piemonte region has never enjoyed any advertising propaganda, therefore owes its expansion to the word of mouth of the Piemontese people who emigrated elsewhere for work and personal needs, still today the only way to buy it It’s the traditional one. This classic Piemontese amaro, obtained with carefully selected plants and herbs, derives its denomination from a brotherhood of monks that existed in the city of Turin in the XVI century in Contrada Dora Grossa (the current Via Garibaldi), They loved to study the properties Of the plants, their fruits and their roots. The use of herbal mixes and aromatic roots mixes dates back to many years ago. The ancient Greeks and Romans began to use botanicals for medicinal uses, but the true origins of amaro as we know it today can be traced, as the amaro San Simone, to medieval monks and friars in abbeys and monasteries throughout Italy, where The interest in Arabic alchemy and the unique and restorative properties of herbs and botanicals were used in alcoholic bases of wine and spirit to produce elixirs for appetite stimulants and encourage digestion. The San Simone has a delicious taste, between the sweet and the bitter, and the scent is unmistakable. Its alcoholic degree is moderate (26% vol.), it doesn’t contain artificial dyes for which it is genuinely natural. The Producer is amaro San Simone S.R.L.Italian esteems amaro San Simone, now prepared by the homonymous company. In the early years ‘ 50, in the archives of the ancient pharmaceutical workshop San Simone, was found the recipe of in ancient purification. In order to better respond to the tastes of their clientele, producers saw the need to create a more pleasant version of this elixir: around 1960, after more than two years of laborious refinement, the current formula of amaro was realized in the same San Simone pharmaceutical workshop. At first, the new liquor was also destined for pharmacies only, but its immediate success suggested starting its production in a great style in the same original place, now transformed into an opificio. After several denominations occurred in the time was born so the current amaro San Simone S.R.L., which still continues the work of the founding pharmacist, respecting tradition and good practice. Although of pharmaceutical origin this amaro is not a specific medicine, with relative limitations, but an excellent liqueur, appreciated and beneficial to all. It is obtained from 34 selected plants and herbs, mostly from the surrounding area, recognized for their tonic properties. The product, available in the unique size of 70 cl in the characteristic bottle, combines the efficacy of its active ingredients with a delicious taste. Its alcoholic degree is contained (26% vol.), therefore acceptable even by the most delicate organisms, if taken in moderate doses. The entire production process takes place at the historic plant in Turin, from the maceration of herbs to bottling. For more than half a century the main suppliers of the raw materials used have not changed, just as the processing methods have remained identical, simply improved thanks to the use of more modern techniques: they are based on the good rules Traditional, more suitable to maintain unaltered the active and aromatic principles that characterize the product. To better appreciate the refined composition is preferable to take it at room temperature, but amaro San Simone is excellent also served cold.

Matteo Zed