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Pontenuovo di Torgiano PG

The Amaro world never ceases to amaze us with incredible mixes of botanics and herbs unthinkable for any connoisseur, but above all leaves no limits to the creativity of the producer, be it a chemist, herbalist or a distiller. Italiana Liquori attracted my attention many years ago, when in a showcase of the most beautiful liquor shop in Rome I enchanted myself in front of a bottle of Amaro al Tartufo Nero di Norcia (Black Truffle Amaro), liquor then became the protagonist of one of my most beloved drinks: The Trufflold Fashioned. Amaro al Tartufo Nero di Norcia is still the flagship product of this Company that with time and experience has included new and very special mix of witty amaro as Amaro Pax on which today we will dwell. We are in the years ’70 in Umbria, exactly in the small village called Ponte Nuovo di Torgiano where Ugo Natalini, graduated in chemistry and tired of turning Umbria to represent a famous liquors brand (once Italian) decides to get on his own and open a small liquor factory. Here Ugo, thanks to his culture, sets up the famous Amaro al Tartufo by Natalini exploiting to the maximum the extractive capacities of alcohol. He produces it and distributes it only by his own forces and in a few years becomes the leading and most representative product of Umbria in particular in the territory of Norcia. Obviously Ugo stimulated by his success begins to broaden liqueur portfolio of its Company Italiana Liquori,  giving rise to new great classics between the years ’80 and ’90 and very special products like Amaro Pax (2010), an Amaro product exploiting the eupeptic and regenerative capacities of olive leaves and skins of lemon. The leaves are selected among the best olive trees in the area of Assisi, a small Umbrian town that is dedicated to this Amaro in particular to the strong religious significance that Assisi represents for the whole of Christianity. At present the Natalini Italiana Liquori e Natura has expanded its production also addressing the food and for about a year with the support of the new generation Natalini has been created a new project called Italiana Liquori & Spirits where they are selected and imported exclusive spirits in Italy (Gin, Vodka, Mezcal, Rhum etc.).

However, the Patron Ugo Natalini is still operational and in command, so anyone who wants to visit him in his factory or buy his craft products can contact him:

Italiana Liquori e Natura s.r.l.

Via Pescara, 4

06089 Pontenuovo di Torgiano PG

Tel. +39 075982314

Fax: +39 075982719

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