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Amaro Maffei was born in Puglia from a recipe that once belonged to the Maffei Family. The idea of bringing back to life this ancient combination of botanicals was respectively Gaspare Maffei and Vincenzo Carlucci, founding members of the Company, with the aim of enhancing and re-evaluating the typical products of the surrounding area, keeping faith and without changing anything old original recipe. As in every Apulian Family, even the ancestors of the Maffei Family were delighted in home-made liquor and after several trials the Amaro came to life, produced in a few dozen bottles to give to friends and relatives during the Christmas holidays, bottled and labeled in an artisan way, but with strong attention to the pleasantness of the packaging that the company still maintains today, in fact, both the bottle and the label faithfully reflect the original ones. The Amaro Maffei resurrects from memories in July 2017 with the birth of the brand and a company located in Gravina di Puglia in the province of Bari. The product is created through a slow maceration in alcohol, about 30 days, with a bath of Murgia wild fennel of Bari, harvested only between December and March, a botanical with great organoleptic qualities, penetrating and with important eupeptic functions. Its strong vegetal flavor, fresh and herbaceous, is totally natural, obtained without the addition of additives, flavorings or dyes and with the use of the whole plant. The company Maffei is a young company, but with ambitious projects, it currently distributes only in the local territory, but the intention is to export the real flavors of the Murgia throughout Italy and even outside the national borders, recognized not only as digestive Amaro but also as an ingredient for mixing cocktails, also thanks to the alcohol content of 42% vol. The Amaro Maffei is currently produced by a support factory, the LICOR Srl, former producer of the Amaro Fiume di Putignano, but the intention is to self-produce very soon and to reach the citizens of Puglia and Italy in every part of the world. Gaspare and Vincenzo are very confident about the future success of Amaro Maffei because of 100% natural and with a beautiful emerald green color, obtained thanks to the chlorophyll extracted by osmosis in alcohol from the fennel plant through an artisanal process that allows maintaining the chromatic and organoleptic tones of rare beauty and goodness.

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