Amaro Obsession



Paternò CT

Returning from a trip to Sicily, where I tasted many amari still artisanal and familiar production, I brought with me a bottle of Amaro Lumìa. This amaro, initially, envelops the mouth with a strong herbaceous flavor, which then translates into of lemon citrus, notes, which wiping the palate and persist a long time pleasantly. Behind this new amaro brand there are four young partners that using an ancient recipe created by the pharmacist grandmother of one of them and now recovered due to their passion for Sicily and its traditions, using quality ‘ Flower of Sicily’ Lemons and through a maceration of a mix of about 20 herbs, roots and botanical elements, they created this beautiful Liquor with a fantastic perfume which remind this wonderful Italian Island. This amaro is a great item for mixing to create great classics or beautiful twist.

Matteo Zed