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Agata Di Fede, teacher of Sicilian cuisine for foreigners, and Rita Cocuzza, journalist and writer, are the creators of Amaro Indigeno. Agata and Rita are united by a visceral love for their territory: Sicily, a dynamic land, always looking for novelties, but without ever neglecting its oldest traditions. Amaro Indigeno does not derive from an ancient family recipe handed down for generations, it is a young product that tells the wild Sicilian countryside, winking at the traditional knowledge of a rich and varied culture. Amaro Indigenowas born in the kitchen in 2015 from the experimentation of Agata and Rita with the desire to enclose the taste and the charm of Sicily in an involving project.

So, we closed our eyes and crossed our dreams letting ourselves be guided by instinct.

At the origin of Amaro Indigenothere is the desire to tell what are the small pleasures of life and the immense sense of belonging to this land so rich and so deeply in tune with nature. Amaro Indigeno is an intense, bitter-sweet amaro, studied on combinations of spontaneous herbs of Sicily combined with a tasty, new, fascinating and rich of beneficial properties ingredient: the pomegranate. The sweetest note of this wonderful winter fruit, in fact, is balanced by the presence of carob, orange peel, and the vigorous energy of the wild bitter herbs of Etna. Amaro Indigeno is excellent cold tasted neat, but reveals all its character and its versatility in the composition of recipes of the most varied cocktails also thanks to its alcohol content of 32% vol.

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