Amaro Obsession



Lucera FG

This Amaro has a curious story that is rooted in two different generations, we owe the birth of this wonderful product to Giuseppe La Cava, the founder and inspirer father of the Amaro, the one who knew how to distinguish the crops and the wild herbs present on Puglia land, this allowed him to combine the herbs for healing with the canonical products of the place to give life to a special mixture. Giuseppe’s dream was to transmit his passions and his knowledge to his nephew Salvatore, who was involved as a child with his grandfather in the countryside. It was born as a game and then became something truly unique. One day Salvatore, grown-up, decides to dust off his grandfather’s notes because he really wants to give birth to something real and concrete. With the help of Uncle Sergio and his cousin Mastro Alfrè the Amaro Imperatore was born, the son of their visceral bond and love for their land and for grandfather Giuseppe who was the cornerstone of this Amaro. Amaro Imperatore comes to the world with the use of the fruits of the Daunia land, among which the most relevant are the Lampascione and the Rucola. In its marvelous taste stand out, on the palate, imposing bitter notes with a sweet, round and elegant aftertaste.

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