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Amaro Guelfo was born from an idea of Ronconi brothers thanks to the union of love for their grandfather Guelfo with the irrepressible passion for food and wine. Thanks to their long experience in the field, Ronconi brothers have succeeded, with an authentic, elegant and daring Amaro, to tell about Nonno Guelfo: the complex and somewhat gruff character, the love for his land, the strong attraction for botanical, his big generous heart and the meticulous care of his beloved garden. Amaro Guelfo is a family story that with love and explosive force like a lion (the symbol on the modern Amaro label) manages to be as deep as a memory. This interesting Amaro is a refined arrangement of sweet and bitter orange, peppermint, licorice and gentian that with their aromas pay homage to Grandfather’s great passion for the botanical world. Amaro Gueflo recipe also contains wormwood, ginger, rhubarb, angelica essential oil, cardamom, juniper, bay leaf, artichoke, myrrh, anethole and chinotto whose principles and aromas are extracted through an alcoholic infusion. All the perfumes and extracts of the raw materials are expertly mixed together with a high percentage of fine Brandy, which joining the aromas of the botanicals creating a complex and complete harmony. On the nose, Amaro Guelfo is fragrant, has a rounded taste on the palate and distinguishes the different botanical notes of citrus orange, more bitter hints of gentian and wormwood and aromas of licorice and rhubarb, on the finish the peppermint and ginger help the freshness in the long persistence. Amaro Guelfo is very versatile and is suitable for neat or On The Rocks consumption, if you love the citrus notes is perfect accompanied by an orange peel with its essential oils, but also very well emerges in the revisiting version of classic cocktails.

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