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Campo nell’Elba LI

In addition to the crystalline sea, the colors of its nature and the richness of its minerals, the island of Elba is known throughout the world for a great name: Napoleone Bonaparte. After the disastrous battle of Leipzig and following the Treaty of Fontainbleau, Napoleon, until that time emperor of the whole of Europe, is forced to abdicate from the throne of France and accept another empire: the island of Elba. Yes, because, contrary to many who think, Napoleon was not imprisoned on Elba: he chose the island for his exile and reigned there bringing more innovations than any government had ever done. For the first time in centuries, the island of Elba was united under a single flag (it was the only moment in which it was united: the administration is still subdivided into eight municipalities) and for the first time, after a life of battles and displacements, Napoleon Bonaparte He was obliged to stop and govern a territory that would remember him forever. To give further importance to this mythical historical character and the beautiful time given to the island of Elba is the wonderful label of Amaro Esilio, produced by Smania Liquori – Liquori dell’Elba s.r.l., a company totally Elbana: both in the location of Production department and in the choice of raw materials, and is the only company present on the territory to produce liqueurs. The herbs used for the production are harvested in the luxuriant spot of Elba, the citrus fruit for the production of the Limoncino and the Arancino come from the Limonaie of Sant’Andrea.  All the liqueurs of Elba, to guarantee their genuineness, are obtained by infusion without addition of dyes, preservatives or other aromas. Amaro Esiliio is an exclusive liqueur produced in limited quantities, the result of Elbana tradition and passion. In fact, it was born from the combination of the real Amaro dell’Elba and a brandy aged over ten years in oak barrels. Unique in its kind, Amaro with a Brandy base has an unmistakable flavor and an intense aroma.

In order to get hold of one of the few Amaro Esilio bottles produced each year  you can contact:

Liquori dell’Elba s.r.l.

Via Costa Nera, 308

57034 Campo nell’Elba

Tel: +39 0565979095

Fax: +39 0565979095

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