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Angera VA

The oldest distillery Rossi d’Angera recipe. It is produced with thirty alpine herbs, harvested from those that grow on the Prealpi near Varese. The Rossi Family devotes thirty days to the alcoholic maceration to extract all the aromatic ingredients and precious essences of Yarrow, star anise, Sage, gentian, melissa, mint, thyme and other herbs yet. Amaro d’Angera is distilled slowly for three hours and then let it stabilizes blissfully in Angera, in Allier oak barriques for at least three months. The months of ageing, lend the product a full-bodied and deep taste. Outside, the Lake and the Alps are rooting for this amaro, which is a faithful and generous postcard of this land. Try Amaro d’Angeraas aperitif or digestive, smooth or “on the rocks” or mixed in your signature cocktails.

Visual examination: Intense mahogany
To the nose it’s: Complex bouquet and articulate that refers to the essences of herbs and roots, enhanced by maceration and subsequent slow distillation.
Tasting test: Large and round, with grassy notes and hints of Oriental spices from patchouli nutmeg, dates to bitter almonds.