Amaro Obsession



Sora FR

Perhaps one of the most beautiful art nouveau label that you can find on a bottle of amaro, the best introduction of Amaro Ciociaro a spirits born by the knowledge of the herbalist and his Patron Vincenzo Paolucci in 1873 in the province of Frosinone at the same time at the birth of the Paolucci distillery. Amaro Ciociaro was born at a time when in Italy many distillation lovers decided to invest in the production of their various botanical-based liqueurs, taking inspiration from their territory, as well as for its name which is derived from the ciociaria, the geographic area near Rome. In 1964 Amaro Ciociaro, always based on ancient recipes is adapted to the modern taste. His recipe remains secret and kept informed of the Paolucci family, this amaro has a strong bitter orange aftertaste, it is not an overly sweet and reaches an alcohol level equal to 30% vol. The view seems a clean liquid, dark brown with bronze reflections. Scents of dandelion, cola, orange and lemon peel with a slight scent of tobacco. On the palate the cola explodes with clove and smoked and licorice aftertaste and gentian. In mixing is universally recognized as exported worldwide, as the natural heir of the original “Amer Picon”, a key ingredient in many cocktails from the past.

Matteo Zed