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Born in the world of national beverage, but knowing the creators of this wonder I can safely say global, a wonderful Amaro that combines tradition and novelty in a bottle of beautiful packaging. Bernardo and Niccolò Barberani are the heirs of one of the most important families of top vintners present in Umbria. Both are born in the vineyards on the green slopes of Umbria, bent to the coils of the wind and caressed by the waters of Lake Corbara and grow nourished by the passion of Father Luigi and mother Giovanna Barberani. It is from far 1961, in fact, that the Barberani Family renews with skillful hands the ancient rite of the harvest, transforming the grape into a symphony of aromas and flavors in total respect for the territory and tradition. A passion that sinks its roots in the past and that through the love and devotion handed down from generation to generation, traces the future of Umbrian agriculture, in a timeless journey. Niccolò, skillful doctor in agriculture, enology and viticulture, and Bernardo, cleverly and modern manager, have been able to unite the familiar experience to their personal capacities, putting them at the service of modernity and of the progress of their company through important commercial and quality actions that embrace new market trends, including the creation of Amaro Cerberus, in which Matteo Zed and the Amaro Obsession team collaborated and in which is their own experience in the world of Amaro and about the new trends and taste of the modern customer and of the perfect  Mixologist, reaching a final product complex, important, but easy to taste and to mix. But let’s go to analyze Amaro Cerberus in detail: one of the herbs present in the mix of botanicals that give life to the Amaro Cerberus and its name is the aconite, a plant that grows in the shaded places of the mountainous and hilly areas around the lake of Corbara and blooms in the months of May and June. It is also cultivated as an ornamental plant in normal gardens. The active ingredient of the plant is aconitine, which can be easily reduced to a white-yellow powder. Its taste is very pungent and sour. It is very easily soluble in alcohol but it is not soluble in water. It’s one of the most powerful poisons known. The lethal dose for humans is 5mg/kg body mass and death occurs within hours after violent cramps and complete loss of consciousness and no known antidotes. In Greek mythology, it is said that Cerberus, the dog that guarded the underworld, brought into burr the seeds of aconite. And when Hercules kidnapped him to bring him to earth, the dog’s rage was such that, his saliva in contact with the ground, gave birth to the aconite plant, precisely from this anecdote originated the name of this fascinating Amaro. Technically is made with a 50% Nocino Reserve aged 10 years and 50% mix of spices (cloves, nutmeg, bark of china, cinnamon, artichoke, rocket etc.) that remember very closely an old-fashioned Fernet. The two bases are mixed and let stand for a 20gg. And then the Amaro is ready to be bottled. Amaro Cerberus, in addition to being a fabulous product tasted at the end of each meal, able to satisfy the needs of the organism with the invigorating and digestive skills of a Fernet and also going to meet the most gentle palates thanks to the sweetness and pleasantness of a Nocino, it is an incredible liquor in mixing able to give great complexity to a Hanky Panky Cocktail or rhythm and progression to a Negroni or an Americano, allowing the modern mixologist to dose with simplicity and in a multifaceted way from a fresh aperitif to a creative and spectacular after dinner.

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