Amaro Obsession


Many specialists in the field I think, myself included, were skeptical about this new company with such ambitious objectives at the Salone Del Gusto di Torino in 2014 (or maybe 2015), fortunately wrong. A company, Turin Vermouth, which in a few years chalk up one great success after another obtained thanks to a huge passion, research on the territory and thanks to a team of great professionals such as Giuseppe Rabottini and Nicolò Calza, going to overcome leaving more noble and expert companies in the dust. As usual, we will talk about their products starting from their Amaro Black Note.

Black Note is the amaro that can give an intense and unforgettable harmony to every moment of pleasure. Delicate and lovable, embellished with fresh citrus and rhubarb notes, Black Note is a superior quality product that uses only extracts from plants, herbs, flowers, roots, fruits, prepared directly by Turin Vermouth in its own plant, with an exclusive technology extraction.

Color: caramel

Taste: sweet and delicate, has pleasant notes of cloves and cinnamon with a lingering aftertaste of rhubarb

Alcohol content: 21% vol.

Info and contacts

Strada del Cascinotto, 130

10156 Torino (TO)

Tel. +39 0112079990

Fax: +39 0113747670


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