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Earth Mother Project is the founding Company of the ViviMoringa line. It has many years of experience in Green Projects and manages an agro-economic platform in the Dominican Republic, leader in the production of 100% organic raw materials for the food, phytotherapeutic and wellness sectors. ViviMoringa is characterized by three main business units: a food integration line, a natural cosmetics line, and a food production consisting of chocolate, made from raw cocoa and Moringa Oleifera, and Amaro81. Presented in 2017 in Bologna, Amaro 81 is the first and only Amaro that presents the Moringa Oleifera in the blend of botanicals. Precisely for this particularity the Company has invested a lot of time for the formulation of the perfect recipe, a recipe that does not remember any other Amaro. With an alcohol content of 30% vol. and a sugar component not higher than 10%, Amaro 81 has an inebriating, fresh and spicy aroma. On the palate it is well balanced with hints of Gentian and China, has a spicy aftertaste donated by Indian Pepper combined with orange and tangerine. Amaro 81, besides being a pleasant digestive Amaro after meal, is very versatile for the modern mixologist in the creation of new cocktails and does not leave behind the expectorant properties of the botany at the base of the recipe: the Moringa Oleifera. The herbalist who took part in the formulation of the recipe of Amaro 81 and also the scientific committee constituted by the Earth Mother Project for the ViviMoringa line evaluated the intake of Amaro 81, together with hot water and the right dose of honey, as a decongestant upper respiratory tract during the winter period. The name “Amaro 81” was chosen because the year 1981 was the year in which the entrepreneurial idea of ​​the President of the Company began to take shape, giving life to all the realities that characterize his professional activity to date. As far as packaging is concerned, a bottle called “Antica Farmacia” was chosen for a desired connection with the herbal tradition in the original meaning of the pharmacy (the shape of the bottle recalls the ancient ampoules used by apothecaries). The graphic style, on the contrary, is very current and sought after, inspired by the period of American prohibition, and gives a high charm to the Amaro.

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