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Amaro 33 is the modern Amaro representation projected for the future market, a modern Amaro in the mixture of its ingredients, in the packaging and in its production, but which winks at the past. Born from an idea of the entrepreneur Francesco Fabris, current owner and descendant of the Da Ponte/Fabris Families, chosen to carry on the important legacy of distillers from 1892 in that of the beautiful Conegliano, while he was in Canada and assisted to the Ginger Beer production. Andrea Da Ponte is a Company with a strong and skillful background, where each product is the result of research and study made of continuous tests until the realization of the final product, perfect, well integrated into the market that will meet and sure of a success in terms of time and quality of the product. Mode that matches also to Amaro 33 creation, a product launched after more than two years of research by Andrea Da Ponte Distillery in collaboration with the oenologist Graziano Freschet, an Amaro that can rely on a base that differs from the classic wheat or fruit alcohol using aged Prosecco Grappa (in which the distillery has always been a precursor), part of the best batches of neutral aged Grappa produced in the company, suitable to “marry” ginger and other natural ingredients with the goal of getting a fresh, invigorating, youthful and intriguing Amaro. The idea of using ginger reflects a little the historical passage following the “primordial” Amaro to which more and more ingredients were added or replaced, thanks also to the diffusion of the Indian/South American and Asian spices that arrived in Europe with the advent of the colonies and through the activities of the British and Dutch India companies. Ginger (very fashionable ingredient at the moment) also represents the opportunity to make Amaro 33 a good friend of the modern mixologist through the reinterpretation of great classics or in generating new to yummy cocktails, in particular Amaro Obsession staff consider it a fantastic spirit to create a good Tiki or Exotic drink or reinterpret a Penicillin for your Cocktail List. The packaging is the result of the work done by an Argentine Marketing and Communication Agency that has developed for the Andrea Da Ponte Distillery a bottle that in the forms, is inspired by the one used by the Distillery during the 50s for the sale of the first Aged Grappa, in particular to a single piece conserved in all these years in the Roccolo of the young and dynamic Francesco Fabris, therefore a meeting between history and innovation. In addition, the bottle has a glow effect, called “Glow in the Dark”, through which, thanks to a special fluorescent paint, the label is loaded with light and then shines in the darkness of the bar. This cutting-edge packaging has earned Andrea Da Ponte Company the golden medal at the 2016 edition of Fepi, the International independent Advertising Festival held annually in Rosario (Argentina) and that sees in the race some of the communication agencies internationally known and valued. At last but not the least the aspect that Amaro Obsession considers primary for the future of any entrepreneurial production, not only in the beverage World, Amaro 33 by Andrea Da Ponte is a friend of nature! In fact, Andrea Da Ponte is the first Distillery to have started a long process of harmonizing the productive activity with the environment where the polluting discharges have been completely slaughtered. The continuous research to stay abreast of eco-sustainability is a responsibility not only to the environment so precious but also to the customers of the company who continue to choose Andrea Da Ponte spirits counting on a High-Quality production made with the use of renewable energy sources and almost nil emissions. The name of the Amaro obviously refers to the alcoholic content, which is precisely 33% Vol. Innovative and original, Amaro 33 with ginger mixes the traditional Amaro pleasure with exotic and unexpected notes and is therefore perfect both in the festive moments with friends and in those dedicated to meditation. How to taste it as well as a good cocktail? Definitely solo: cool, neat or “On The Rocks”. From our tasting analysis, Amaro 33 immediately strikes the nose with a strong scent of ginger, while the palate is immediately felt a pleasant alcoholic tip donated by the Barrique Aged Prosecco Grappa and only later a warm ginger aftertaste, which gives the palate an exotic and spicy triumph accompanied by a very low sugar content, which gives free space to the true aromas of Amaro 33, while helping the organism with the stimulating, anti-rheumatic and digestive properties of ginger.

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