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4 and 7. These are the Alta Gradazione numbers. 4 are young guys with the passion of good drinking behind this name (a name as a program), 7 their products, the liquors. Rome the geographical location, always been friends, brilliant students of scientific subjects (one mathematics, one physics and two economics) and entered, fortunately or bad luck you decide, in the world of work soon, perhaps too much, certainly without adequate reflection. In fact, all four bring in the same dream in the drawer: do something together that manages to get as close as possible to their passion for Italian liqueur. Giacomo is the first to take the big step, abandon the big consulting company he worked for and throw himself headlong into the new project: in 2017 Alta Gradazione was born, the “artisan liquor production” object. The result is 7 fantastic products, inspired by traditional recipes and not only with a modern look, the result of a great research and care of excellent raw materials. Very pleasant liqueurs to taste in purity but surprising as cocktail components. Today, however, stealing the show is the latest born, as well as the super star: Amario. The Amaro par excellence, with a strong, dry and markedly woody taste. It is the synthesis of more than twenty roots and herbs among which the Rhubarb, the Gentian and the Absinthe stand out, but the most refined palates can not fail to recognize also the Cardamom with its typical spicy and lemon flavor and the balsamic scent of Eucalyptus. One more note is given by Galanga, appreciated for the sweetness that is a counterpoint to a pungent aftertaste, largely similar to Ginger. The idea of partially replacing sugar with black molasses, rich in minerals, gives the Amaro, besides an exotic and slightly fruity flavor, an amber and warm color, almost reminiscent of caramel. Excellent yield at the end of the meal, but really surprising even mixed. The combination between the various distillates and the Amario is a frontier to be discovered and represents a great opportunity to revisit in a modern key some great classics but also for unusual and risky combinations.

I’ve already tried something, so you can believe it!

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