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Carlucci Food is a Company of Torremaggiore, in the province of Foggia, composed of several friends who share a passion for their land, Puglia, and for high-quality made in Italy products. Saverino Carlucci, with the other partners, chose the best products of their beloved land, made with artisan wisdom and tradition, to get to the most distant places and export a quality all made in Puglia. The Company has several centuries-old olive groves from which olives produces an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality thanks to a monocultivar called “Peranzana”, this fine oil is at home in the gastronomy and in the high restaurants. The Amaro Limolivo is produced from the infusion of the olive leaves of these centuries-old olive trees into alcohol. The history of this Amaro is lost in the mists of time: already in Ancient Rome, the Romans tried to prepare an extract from the olive leaves to use it as a medicine to lower fever and reduce stomach swelling. The properties of the olive leaves were also exploited in the following centuries: it is said that about the year one thousand a noble gentleman of the Gargano, suffering from high blood pressure, not wanting to undergo the leeches bleeding, then known only remedy, gave commission to the monks living on Monte Gargano to find a medicine for his problem. The friars, masters of herbalism and liquor, soon discovered that from the infusion of olive leaves the alcohol produced not only a good liqueur that helped digestion but also a fantastic remedy to level the blood pressure. The news of this new medicine spread in all the noble environments and it was imposed on the friars to jealously preserve the recipe to make this preparation to the exclusive prerogative of kings, queens and courtiers. This liqueur was so precious and delicious that also Dante wrote about it in the twenty-first canto of the Divine Comedy by calling him “Liquor d’ulivo”. The therapeutic properties of Amaro Limolivo, due to the infusion of olive leaves in alcohol, have been certified by several university research centers which state that thanks to the polyphenols contained in the olive leaves, powerful antioxidants, the Limolivo helps organism in digestion, in preventing diabetes, acts as a regulator of blood pressure and even prevents Alzheimer’s disease. The Amaro Limolivo is still prepared following the ancient original recipe jealously guarded by Carlucci Food, company holding the registered trademark. The ancient recipe of Amaro Limolivo provides the infusion in alcohol of the highest quality of the olive leaves refined by the infusion of orange and lemon peel. In tasting, this delicious Amaro is pleasant and round to the taste, not exceeding in the amount of sugar, and has a citrus aftertaste. Its alcohol content is moderate (28 ABV) and means that Limolivo is a perfect drink for every hour of the day, drunk neat, cold or at room temperature, or on the rocks releases all its aroma and scent, but it is also an excellent ingredient to be mixed in an aperitif cocktail or in after dinner drink.

In a bottle of Limolivo it is not only contained a characteristic Amaro, but history, art, science and culture. To find out more you can contact

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