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For over 50 years, Gargiulo Coloniali and Enoteca research the best flavors from around the world to excite the most demanding palates with liqueurs and spirits. The continuous research and commitment earned him the Golosario 2016 award, a famous cultural and taste event promoted by the Papillon Club and linked to Paolo Massobrio’s famous Golosario. Amaro Don Carlo is one of the company’s flagship products with roots in the province of Salerno but with international horizons. This Amaro was born 25 years ago from an experiment carried out by Angela Caliendo, initially, it was created a Nocino, but the desire to create something innovative with a look at tradition led the company to evolve it. Until 2010, Amaro Don Carlo, was sold exclusively in the local historian founded in 1966, Gargiulo Coloniali and Enoteca, after 2010 began the distribution at the national level and from 2015 to the international level. Amaro Don Carlo is produced only with natural ingredients such as herbs and spices, including Artichoke, Cinnamon, Cloves and Licorice, and 60% of Walnut Husk, prepared directly by the company in June and stored for use in the production of Amaro Don Carlo, which makes it suitable even for the most demanding palates. The product is perfect to be drunk at the end of the meal as a digestive, on the rocks, but it is also excellent in mixing new cocktails with a spicy flavor.

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