Amaro Obsession




For 50 years the Vivese Family has represented the purest passion of Campania’s liqueur, a history of success obtained thanks to the great dedication, the excellence of local products and the constant search for unique and refined flavors. Amaro Vivese (Amaro Per Piacere), produced by GVA Liquori of the brothers AlessandroGiuseppe and Valerio Costagliola, is a tribute to Grandma Nanù Vivese, creator and keeper of the original amaro recipe and the indispensable secrets for its production. Even today the Vivese/Costagliola Family jealously guards the recipe of the Amaro Vivese secretly handed down from generation to generation thus preserving an originality that can represent “the taste of Naples” in the world. The Vivese Family dedicates a lot of passion and a lot of work in the research of every single botanical element part of Amaro Vivese thus guaranteeing the original taste since the times of Grandma Nanù Vivese of the Amaro Per Piacere. Despite its law specification allow the use of artificial flavors, Amaro Vivese contains neither artificial flavors nor dyes and it’s produced by working with the best medicinal herbs and aromas typical of the Mediterranean area, more specifically in the Campania region. The typical aromas of Campania guarantee this amaro a great intensity on the nose that intensifies in taste. Amaro Vivese is a very versatile product, it is recommended to drink it not only at low temperatures but also at room temperature; for the most demanding palates it is also very well suited to mixing, giving particular nuances in the most different types of cocktails. Amaro Vivese has a very intense amber color with copper reflections. The nose reveals herbaceous aromas of pine, bay leaf and basil along with citrus orange and tamarind sensations, in an embrace of cardamom seeds and green peppercorns. The taste is firm but velvety, full of fruity and vegetal returns in a gustatory kaleidoscope in which everything has an identity and yet everything is combined, blended perfectly by the wise note of alcohol (30% vol.), In a final rich in bitter herbs.

Martina Proietti