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Today our journey to discover the Italian amaro panorama stops in Calabria, more precisely in Cosenza, where is located one of the oldest Italian liqueurs companies. Land of great liquor tradition, which has given birth to products now renowned throughout the country and in some cases even beyond the Italian borders. Raffaello Bosco founded Bosco Liquori in 1864, until then, the liqueurs were prepared exclusively at home, where the harvested raw material, fruit of the abundance of the Mediterranean basin, was processed and distilled for a purely family consumption. Thanks to the determination and passion of Raffaello, the first and original recipe of Amaro Silano is born, elixir with an exclusive and full taste, with harmonious and authentic notes of the uncontaminated  Calabria Mountains precious herbs. The public success was immediate, not only for Amaro Silano, but also for another product of the BoscoLiquorirange (which currently includes 12 products), l’Anice, another great classic of the Company, which is still produced today. Just as yesterday, the freshness and quality of raw materials is the founding value of the Company. AmaroSilanois an amaro produced through a slow maceration of aromatic herbs, typical of the Monti Silani territor, allowing to maintain the beneficial and digestive properties of the raw material. To drink iced accompanied by an orange peel, recognizable element and present in the bouquet of the liqueur.

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