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In the modern Caserta production plant, one of the most equipped and functional present in the sector, Mavidrink combines the quality of craftsmanship typical of the best Italian production with a modern management of production and logistics. The high quality of the products of this Company is based on the careful selection of raw materials used, on the management of production cycles and on the careful quality control carried out in the laboratory inside the plant and with the support of certified external structures. Mavidrink offers several lines of products: the Five Senses Mixology which includes a vast production of liqueurs and spirits; the Five Senses Premium Collection that selects with continuous updating super premium products from every part of the globe; the line of soft drinks made in Italy Fairy Queen and the prestigious line of spirits, liqueurs and amari of the Italian tradition Medulla to which the product on that we will focus today belongs. Amaro Roboris is the result of the careful selection of the most traditional aromatic herbs typical of the Italian peninsula combined with each other according to a particular secret recipe. The Amaro from the Mavidrink Medulla line has a strong and at the same time gentle taste that makes it easily appreciated even by the most delicate palates. Amaro Roboris contains in itself the active ingredients of many beneficial herbs, flowers, fruits and roots extracted through alcohol infusion. Roboris was awarded the Double Gold medal in the Bitter category at the 2015 China Wine & Spirits Awards (Cwsa), one of China’s leading wine and spirits competitions. With a moderate alcohol content (30% vol.), Amaro Roboris proves to be extremely versatile in the occasions and in the consumption modes: tasted smooth, at room temperature or on the rocks, has excellent digestive properties thanks to the active ingredients of the botanical bouquet contained in its secret recipe, used in the creation of cocktails is an innovative ingredient that can give an original impetus to the recipes.

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