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Martignacco UD

In 1918 at Ceresetto di Martignacco, near Udine, Giuseppe Buiese founded Buiese Distillery, after the purchase of the pre-existing distillery and the related manor house by the Miani Counts. This artisan company, which immediately distinguished itself for the remarkable quality of its grappa and its liqueurs, receiving important prizes and national and international awards, this year celebrates a century of activity. Giuseppe’s heirs, Remo Buiese together with his son Cristiano, in the early 2000s completed the construction of the new Distillery, realizing the aging cellars and the new distillation plants that, despite using new advanced technologies, fully respect the experience of three generations of distillers. Amaro Lusôr, a speciality liqueur fruit of the re-elaboration of an ancient Buiese Distillery exclusive property recipe, was born in 2009 from the experimentation conducted by the research group of the Department of Food Sciences of the Udine University, coordinated by Carla Da Porto, professor of Alcoholic Beverages Technologies. Amaro Lusôr was developed as part of the project “La Via Degli Spiriti Antichi“ (eng: “the way of ancient spirits”), a project that aims to promote the development of mountain agri-food through the formulation of spirits based on medicinal plants and ancient varieties of traditional Carnia area fruits.

The passion for ancient folk traditions and the aptitude for technological innovation developed at Udine University, together with the commitment of Cristiano Buiese, young heir of one of the oldest distilleries in the region, and graduated in Science and Food Technology at the Friulian University, have allowed the meeting between the University and local production reality. This fact is realized with the start of production of Amaro Lusôr by a local company.

Carla Da Porto

This Amaro Friulano d’Erbe is obtained by cold maceration of 17 botanicals. Amaro Lusôr does not contain any kind of added aroma as opposed to many amari commonly found on the market. The absolute naturalness of this product gives Amaro Lusôr a special taste, decisive but not excessively bitter, it is an amaro for true connoisseurs, with such peculiar characteristics that it is appreciated especially by those who appreciate fine, rich and complex flavors. The Gentiana Lutea, the main ingredient of this amaro, comes directly from the experimental cultivations of the Udine University. To preserve the aromatic characteristics and above all the active ingredients of the herbs and spices that are added to the Gentian in the recipe of Amaro Lusôr, the latter are purchased after drying at low temperature. The total extraction of the aromatic and healthy principles of the herbs and spices present in Amaro Lusôr occurs through the maceration of herbs and spices for several weeks, with frequent removals. Then, the herbs are separated by soft pressing, followed by a maturation period lasting several months. Only later, when the perfect combination of the various aromatic components has been achieved, the production process will move on to the actual creation of the liqueur. Tasting Amaro Lusôr, the nose immediately feels a fresh and herbaceous scent, while on the palate all the aromas of the botanicals are revealed, showing a remarkable persistence. Besides the Gentiana Lutea, or Genziana Maggiore, which gives this Amaro d’Erbe its dominant note, it is clearly appreciable hints of Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Rosemary, Cloves and Cinnamon that give Amaro Lusôr a rich and remarkable persistence on the palate.

The interesting label of this product reads as follows:

There are many Genziana preparations already used in antiquity, known for their digestive properties and to be excellent appetite stimulants. Genziana seems to owe its name to Gentius, the last King of Greece, who first discovered its medicinal virtues (Plino il Vecchio, Naturalis Historia XXV.71). In fact, the ancient Latins called it “Kikenda” that means “little light, candle, firefly”, probably due to the golden yellow color of its splendid inflorescences. Hence the choice to call this amaro Lusôr, which in the Friulian language means “light, glow and brightness”.

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