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In 2007, in a small laboratory located in Tavola in the province of Prato, Cristina Pagliai and Fabio Goti began producing, with the same processing methods that the original recipe of 1750 requires, the White Vermouth of Prato: an ancient traditional Tuscan specialty. In the same factory, the Opificio Nunquam, Cristina and Fabio also dedicate themselves to the production of two Amari: the Amaro Nunquam, and the Amaro Herbarum – il perfetto Amaro. The Amaro Herbarum recipe was studied and composed by Fabio (who names this his favorite product!), An expert alchemist who grew up under the strict guidance of Grandpa Gustavo. To produce Amaro Herbarum is required a cold infusion in neutral alcohol of first quality, inside a steel macerator, of 9 different botanicals: Absinthe, Aromatic Calamus, Centaurea Minor, Angelica, Enula Campana, Cinnamon, Juniper Berries , Iris and Genziana. Cristina and Fabio personally take care of every phase of the processing of their products starting with the most important: the choice of raw materials. In the Opificio Nunquam, only top quality botanicals from biodynamic and organic cultivation are selected and purchased, the basis for producing excellent infusions and macerations. During the maceration period, always with a totally artisanal process, the liquid is stirred daily to ensure that all the botanicals come into contact with all of the alcohol. Once the maceration process is complete and the solid parts are separated, the infusion, with the addition of the right dose of sugar and without the use of any flavor or color, is left to mature for a few days before undergoing the process of slow final filtration. Amaro Herbarum – il perfetto Amaro has a straw-greenish color given by the release of botanicals during the infusion process. It releases herbaceous and officinal scents on the nose and with a 41 ABV on the first sip of a warm opening with a pleasant and balanced sweetness that then leaves room for a bitter and moderately persistent aftertaste. Amaro Herbarum is the perfect digestive after meal to be consumed at room temperature, but it immediately turns into an exceptional ingredient in the expert hands of the modern mixologist for the creation of new cocktails.

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