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Friuli Venezia Giulia 1848, more precisely Udine, hence the birth of the famous Amaro, known throughout the region and required in most parts of Italy. Amaro d’Udine was conceived by Domenico Di Candido, its formula still secret, has been handed down over time until it reaches the family of pharmacists Colutta. In 1912 Mr. Antonio Colutta was famous for his advertising stratagem. In fact, he organized in the famous Piazza Libertà the launch of a balloon with the words Amaro d’Udine. Antonio dedicated his life to refining the recipe, producing this digestive, and then passing it on to his son Gianpaolo and his nephew Elisabetta, now the owners. Thanks to her remarkable talent, in 2010 she created a new formidable formula: Amaro d’Udine Red. This version is warmer than the classic, sweeter and slightly more alcoholic, the palate is soft, but leaves room for spices and herbs, which is composed that also characterize the aromas. The idea of the Doctor was not to diversify the two products but to make the Amaro d’Udine sweeter for a more youthful palate. The historical Amaro d’Udine Classico instead has more pronounced, stronger characteristics, is composed of roots, herbs and spices typical of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The same are carefully selected in various farms in the area to be then infused for several weeks so as to release all the aromatic properties. Its alcohol content, despite being very low (15% vol.), maintains its bitter taste and in the perfume are the spices. It is ideal as a digestive served at room temperature and excellent as an ingredient in mixing drinks.

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