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A year and a half ago, in collaboration with the Historical Bordiga distillery started the ‘Glep beverages’ Project. After long time spent in tests, tastings and many new experiments for the creation of new flavors different from the usual. Two Guys with the support of the historical producer of Cuneo, set up several recipes until the final finish. In Addition to the quality of the product, which uses aromatic herbs and roots of the Occitan Alps, the company Glep has tried to differentiate itself even through a new and more modern image by Daring and pushing on an unusual graphic communication. But let’s figure out who they are and what our heroes do today.

Ezio Primatesta-Hotelkeeper and Restauratore of 3 generations (Garden and landing on Lake Orta) sommelier and curious lover of vermouth. Brother of the Mythical Cinzia, famous wife of the celebrity Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo, without which it is said she is the mind of the wonderfull success behind the Chef activity.

Luca Garofalo – Creative Director of an important local and innovative graphic, histrionic, Exbarent and genially insane company.

They Are the two friends who have put together different skills but complementary in the creation of the GLEP Beverages, the acronym GLEP in fact signifies Garofalo Luca and Primatesta Ezio. Everything started in front of a Milano-Torino cocktail that have always accumulated them in pleasure, but now also in duty, just because in front of the desire to improve the taste of their favorite cocktail was born the need to produce first a vermouth, the “VANDALO“, and Immediately after a Bitter, “SPINTO”, thus completing their mission and giving meaning to their products Portfolio now enriched however also of an Amaro: “GRINTA”, Spirit of the moment, choice made first of all for the lower alcoholic content of a distillate, but with best complexity and second because it is the Italian tradition that required them. The magnificent products of Ezio and Luca are born almost simultaneously, going to create one of the newest, innovative and tasty tris of the moment where the quality has the priority both in the choice of raw materials and in the production methodology where it is not used No product of synthesis but only natural macerations and infusions. The Amaro Grinta in flavour and color represents something never seen yet on the market of Amaro Macrocosm, born in a territory where Gentian and Genepì are the mistress among the herbaceous Botanics, its color, pride of the company, confirms it. The Amaro Grinta represents a bit the union between the Piedmontese tradition and the Chartreuse liqueur produced a few kilometers from the border, from which it takes several botanics but with much less alcohol and a little more sugar. Genepy-Juniper-Genzianella-Achillea-Gentian-Peppermint-Quassio-Eucalyptus-Thistle-Chamomile-Rhubarb, represent in part the most important botanics of its aromatic composition. The production as said takes place at the company Pietro Bordiga through a single infusion of roots, plants, herbs and mountain flowers, is then made a mixage of infusions and calculated to extract the best Botanicals. What strikes when you are in front of one of these bottles is the unusual graphics that animate their labels, clearly this side of the production is entrusted to the creative mind of Luca Garofalo, for whom the world of spirits has always been a great source of Inspiration as well as the nature world. Fascinated by the animal world Luca was totally inspired by animals on the image on the labels. Without any rule whatsoever in an instinctive creative flow have taken shape the animals that represent GLEP. Oneiric, without classification, with an attention to consciousness. An animal like the Tasmanian Wolf has been chosen for the Amaro Grinta. Now extinct, a symbol of tenacity and strength. The wolf fought against the Australian settlers who exterminated him just because he ate their sheep. At the top of the food chain, there was no more gritty animal in the whole island. There has been a willingness to give him new life with a nostalgic impetus so that people can understand how much beauty we are depriving ourselves of forever because of human error. The Lake Panther is instead “Vandalo” the Vermouth, an elegant and refined animal, but raised in the street. Educated and adapted to every situation, from the most Bieca dump, to the most luxurious of restaurants. She can behave and fascinate and she knows how to be Fluid and sinuous like Vermouth. The Panther hides many mysteries behind that mask, but is willing to reveal herself in exchange for sincere vibrations. And finally the Flying Hare which represents the Bitter. Fast, quick and sharp. A simple animal the hare, but that one of GLEP can fly. Bitter like Amaro keep faith with the pact with the territory, so rhubarb and lots of gentian. A very deep, citrus and sharp Bitter. The most representative botanicals of its flavor are Iberico – Sweet Orange – Bitter Orange – Rhubarb – Cassia – Gentian – Quassio …

Apart from the Milano Torino or the perfect Americano for which Glep beverages gave life to the portfolio other drinks to try to mix and suggested to us by the property are

N.3 MEXICO & GRINTA – Amaro Grinta, Tequila bianca, Tonica, Lime

N.8 NEGRONI GRINTA – Bitter Spinto, VANDAL Vermouth, Beefeater Gin, Amaro Grinta

N.9 MOJITO GRINTA – Amaro Grinta, Rhum plantation, Soda water, Sugar, Lime, Mint

But even a drop in a long drinks to give perfume and something extra (gin tonic).

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