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Friuli Venezia Giulia


Friendships can lead to big projects, as happened to Paolo and Massimiliano, who in 2002 gave birth to the Piccolo Liquorificio Artigianale di Piolo & Max. The city where they operate, Trieste, has a long tradition of alcohol producing, this is the reason why they have decided to respect the great territorial tradition while elaborating it with the most innovative techniques. For the company of Paolo and Massimiliano, the selection of raw materials, absolutely natural and organic, is the most important thing. In the production of their portfolio, Piolo & Max experimented with many spices, flowers and botanicals, not being intimidated by anything, even going so far as to combine chocolate with salt or with caraway seeds, precisely for this courage, over the years , stood out on all the other companies. Piccolo Liquorificio Artigianale di Piolo & Max products are symbols of high craftsmanship, to demonstrate that the Trieste Chamber of Commerce has included them in the Register of Craft Companies with the recognition to operate in the sector of artistic and traditional manufacturing. One of the main products of Piolo & Max’s Piccolo Liquorificio Artigianale is the Amaro Di Erbe Trieste which is created thanks to the infusion of botanicals in high-quality alcohol. Among the main ingredients that are part of the Amaro Di Erbe Trieste recipe, we find the Hops, the Gentian, the Eucalyptus, the Orange peel and the Roman Absinthe, which make this an Amaro with a unique taste and appreciated by most. On the nose it is presented with a large vegetable bouquet of herbs and spices which is supported on the palate by its 40 ABV. It is recommended to taste Amaro Di Erbe Trieste neat at room temperature to make the most of its eupeptic and digestive properties after a meal. Being an Amaro with great character and personality we also suggest it for the creation of more structured cocktails.

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