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In the heart of the Sila, more precisely in the city of San Giovanni in Fiore, is the Sapori Silani Company of Alessio Antonello. Sapori Silani born with the aim of giving new life to traditional products, often of domestic production, which risk disappearing. The operation of the San Giovanni in Fiore Company, therefore, is a cultural operation aimed at preserving and enhancing old traditions, as well as producing excellent liqueurs closely linked to the territory. This young local Company is an example, therefore, of a new entrepreneurship, attentive to the traditions and resources of the place, a sign of a change that has already begun. The Sila, in its woods and its clearings, is rich in aromatic essences with an intoxicating scent and multiple healing properties. There are numerous medicinal herbs present in the flora of the Sila, some of these are exclusive of the Calabrian reliefs, others are exclusive to the southern Apennines. In the year one thousand Florentine monks settled in San Giovanni in Fiore, just from their ancient liqueur tradition and from their custom of collecting herbs for the production of digestive liqueurs through the use of Sila’s herbs Amaro dell’Abate was born, which is obtained by maceration in distilled water and pure alcohol. Amaro dell’Abate is composed of a mixture of bitter and aromatic herbs all coming from the territory of Sila, whose recipe is kept strictly secret today. On the nose Amaro dell’Abate releases all the scents of mountain herbs, without being too intrusive, the taste is bitter at the right point followed by a long finish full of fresh and aromatic scents. With a gradation of 35% Vol. Amaro dell’Abate turns out to be very versatile, drank neat or on the rocks is an excellent digestive for the end of the meal, but with its peculiar aromatic notes, it becomes an excellent ingredient in the preparation of unique cocktails.

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