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Over the years, the Italians’ passion for Amaro is growing more and more, even in the youngest, and is becoming an integral part of the most advanced mixology. For these reasons the Dr. Minelli Pharmacy of Toscolano Maderno, which has been operating in the area since 1948, witnessing the evolution that the Italian Pharmacy world has seen in this half century, has decided to bring back to light the recipe of an Amaro that by now it had ended up in oblivion, in the oldest books and recipe books called the Amaro del Farmacista. This is a bitter liqueur that, as the label mentions, is created as per the original recipe, making faith precisely to the old writings. Amaro del Farmacista is a tasty after meal that guarantees a good digestion leaving a soft and very pleasant taste, and why not, a particular concealer for a good coffee. Amaro del Farmacista distinguishes between its notes the bitter orange, which is part of the vast citrus family, and would seem to be a hybrid of pomelo and mandarin. This citrus fruit, unlike the sweet orange, has great antioxidant potential and gives an incredibly pleasant and persistent bitter note that is a bit the main soul of this Amaro. In the recipe we also find gentian and china root which together give a unique flavor, the mint that stimulates the functions of the stomach and finally the absinthe. Amaro del Farmacista is a traditional drink, which recalls the elegant notes of the past starting from its label. Its 27 ABV and the soft and persistent taste make it appreciated both as a digestive with ice and as an aperitif. However, although Amaro del Farmacista strictly follows ancient traditions, it is excellent in mixology, to create wonderful contrasts of flavors within cocktails.

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