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We are in the Langhe, historic and fascinating Piedmont territory that stretches between the provinces of Asti and Cuneo more precisely at the home of Mr. Paolo Marolo, Master Distiller almost by accident… Yes, because after attending the historic Enological School of Alba as a student where he graduated in 1967 he was back as a professor of science first and then as a professor of herbal medicine and Liquoreria, improvising the course based on the notes of the most histrionic of Professors, the artist and pharmacist Albese Pinot Gallizio passed away few days before. It was that course and the notes of Gallizio to spur him in the production of Grappa, so, in 1977, with his brother, in their family house in Mussotto, a fraction of Alba, Paolo Marolo founded the Distillery Santa Teresa, so called by a portraying the Spanish mystical. From here started his splendid career and that of his distillery now called “Marolo” example of innovation and tradition, which we find also in the Ulrich Amaro, an historical label then disappeared from the market, which Paolo Marolo finds himself by chance in dialogue with a representative of advertising space for the major newspapers in Piedmont, but he was unable to buy the brand from the current property the Paladin Farma (pharmacological company), but was possible find an agreement between the parties only to use the label “ Ulrich” for the production of liqueurs and aromatized wines. Founded in 1854 by the botanist Domenico Ulrich, the homonymous company was among the first Italian companies to specialize in the processing of aromatic plants on an industrial scale using only Piedmontese and national sources. Between the Nineteenth and the Twentieth century, the « Ulrich», short for Domenico, became one of the main companies in the field of officinal herbalism and phytotherapy: its extracts, infusions, Amari and syrups based on herbs were appreciated throughout Italy. Ulrich was also famous for the production of Vermouth, distillates and Chinati. Amaro Ulrich was born in 1854 from the recipe of Dr. Domenico Ulrich and today reworked by Paolo Marolo, thanks to years of experience in the field of liqueur and herbal medicine. The Amaro Ulrich encloses active principles of 19 herbs, flowers, fruits and roots that make it an effective and invigorating digestive. Among the various ingredients stand out the notes of Genepi, Gentian, Anise, Achillea and Absinthe, you can find two different components in it, the Alpine of the Piedmont mountains and the aromatic from the woods at the bottom of the valley. It is precisely from the naturalness of its formulation that its unique and unmistakable character arises. The working systems still completely traditional are outside modern patterns and maintain unchanged the active and aromatic ingredients that characterize the product. Ulrich Amaro taste is a highly versatile product, to drink smooth or with ice and is perfect blended in a modern and aromatic drink.

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