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Amaro Chrysos is produced by Silvio Carta S.R.L. born in the early 50s, it is located in Sardinia and is one of the most prestigious companies in the area. The Carta Family Company has conquered consumers even outside the Sardinian borders thanks to the wide range of products offered and the great quality of them. The Company was founded in an area suited for the production of excellent wines and, thanks to the proximity of the beautiful sea and the mountains, enjoys a very characteristic flora and fauna. At the head of the company is Elio Carta, son of the founder, who carries on the company name following the tradition scrupulously. Silvio Carta S.R.L. has a strong philosophy that regulates the production and is to stay in close contact with the nature that surrounds them, in fact the company many years ago launched the first biological Myrtle, one of the goals of which the company is more proud and stands verify the care with which they look at nature and their products. Since 2011 the Silvio Carta Company has crowned the dream of dividing the production through the use of two separate plants, thus, while the historic establishment of Baratili San Pietro returns to its former destination, the production of wine, the new Zeddiani factory, equipped with state-of-the-art systems, equipped with the most advanced production and packaging technologies, concentrates the production of liqueurs and spirits. A very precious Amaro, the Chrysos, which takes its name from the Greek words Helios or sun and Chrysos which means gold for the intense golden color of the flowers of Helichrysum that shine. Obtained from an infusion of Helichrysum in premium alcohol, Amaro Chrysos has an alcohol content of 23 ABV. Dark brown in color, very aromatic, it envelops with hints that recall both the scent of the sea and the Mediterranean scrub close to the coasts. The Sardinian Helichrysum (helichrysum saxatile moris) is a typical plant of the island’s flora. It is found as an aromatic, very refined perennial shrub. It is widely used not only in dry and sunny areas near the sea but also in the rocky areas of the hinterland. The Sardinian Helichrysum is used in folk medicine for its many uses and for this reason it is considered an excellent digestive, which is also preferred to the best known Myrtle. The plant of the Helichrysum is widespread in many areas where its intense scent is breathed in the air, this characteristic botanical is called in various ways as Erba de Santa Maria or Abruschiadinu and also as Buredda: many names to call only one plant with enormous aromatic potential. The taste of the Amaro Chrysos recalls the smell of the sea and the mountains covered with vegetation and is excellent to be tasted after meals both at room temperature and with ice, it can have many uses even in mixology with its very special but recognizable notes.

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