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Marsure di Povoletto UD

The history of Bepi Tosolini Distillery began in 1943, when the Friulian Bepi Tosolini, a keen expert on his land and his customs and traditions, a passionate supporter of his region and its products, decided to invest all his life in the creation of a different Grappa, thinking this poor product of the Friulian rural tradition as a product intended for a refined and demanding public. In the Fifties, he built a new distillery in Udine and supported the largest Grappa cellar in Italy. The history of this Company is also and above all a Family history. Wisdom, respect, goodwill and honesty: the important legacy of values of Bepi and his wife Giovanna could only be transferred to the whole Tosolini Family. First the eldest son Giovanni, today his grandchildren Giuseppe, Bruno and Lisa, work together in the Company created by the patriarch following in his footsteps and growing more and more the dream of a big Family. Therefore, for three generations, the rhythms and rules of production and aging have remained the same, supporting the evolution of the products and the new proposals of the Company. In the large portfolio of Distillerie Bepi Tosolini products, between grape and marc distillates and liqueurs inspired by the Friulian tradition we find Amaro Tosolini. Amaro Tosolini is a refined herbal Amaro prepared according to the recipe of the founder Bepi Tosolini with an original blend of Mediterranean botanicals, without the use of aromas, dyes and preservatives. Amaro Tosolini‘s recipe includes maceration in Most® grape distillate and pure water from the Julian Alps of over 15 herbs, spices and roots including angelica, bitter orange, gentian, star anise, cloves, melissa, mint , ginger, salicornia, limonio, marine fennel, rosemary, rhubarb, calamus, salicornia and assenzio marino (that is the precious Santonego hand-harvested in the Friulian lagoon). Part of the infusion is subsequently distilled in botanical “small batch” stills with a 100% artisan process. Amaro Tosolini ages in barrels of ash wood, transported by sea in the traditional Friulian Casoni, for over four months. The sea breeze and the salsoiodic air of the Friulian Riviera give it a unique and unmistakable nuance. Amaro Tosolini presents an intense brown color with warm orange reflections and a balanced and complex sensory profile. The flavor is rich and aromatic with a bitter orange aftertaste and a finish with hints of sweet Mediterranean spices. On the palate it is warm and intense with a particular persistence due to the distillation of part of the infusion.

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