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In 1948, Armando Calvetti, a graduate in chemistry with a thesis on distillation and a great lover of liquor, waiting to find a job in the pharmaceutical industry, began the production of some liqueurs in the courtyard of his house. His products were highly appreciated by the local public and he decided to turn his hobby into a real job: in 1948 he obtained a UTIF license and the Alpe Distillery was born. Alpe Distillery has been operating for more than sixty years and has always been managed with passion and professionalism by the Calvetti Family. Today the family-run company is led by the second generation of the Calvetti Family and has six employees. The production of the Distillery, specializing in Grappa and liqueurs typical of the Valle d’Aosta, is handmade and follows the tradition of the ancient Aosta Valley distillers to ensure that the alpine herbs at the base of their products retain all the fragrance and health properties of the mountain. As we told in our article on the wonderful alpine
Amaro Amaro Benefort.

The Amaro Lys recipe was born around the end of the Seventies, ten years after the birth of Amaro Benefort, to meet those who preferred to drink an Amaro more amiable. Armando Calvetti, therefore, decided to add to the tincture prepared to produce Amaro Benefort (which includes Assenzio Romano, Rhubarb, China, Gentian, Achillea and Cardamom) of botanicals with less bitter scents such as Sweet Orange and Bitter Orange, Vanilla and Almonds. The botanicals are cold infused in very high quality grain alcohol produced in Italy, at the end of the infusion period the exhausted botanicals are distilled and added to the infusion. The steam distillation process of the botanicals gives Amaro Lys, as well as Amaro Benefort, a great depth of flavor and an exceptional persistence on the palate. With 30 ABV Amaro Lys is at first sweet, leaving ample room for hints of Rhubarb, China, Gentian and Roman Absinthe. This wonderful product of the Alpe Distillery of the Calvetti Family is the symbol of a perfect balance between sweet and bitter, without forgetting the complexity of taste, the result of a very high attention both in the selection of raw materials and in the production process. Amaro Lys is suitable for neat consumption or with ice as a digestive after meal, but especially interesting in the mixology for sophisticated cocktails.

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