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Valle d’Aosta

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In 1948, Armando Calvetti, graduate in chemistry with a thesis on distillation and a great liquor lover, waiting to find a job, began the production of some liqueurs in the courtyard of his house. His products were so much appreciated by the local public that he decided to turn his hobby into a real job: Distilleria Alpe was born. Distilleria Alpe has been operating for over sixty years and has always been managed with passion and professionalism by the Calvetti Family. The production of the Distillery, specialized in Grappa and typical Valle d’Aosta liqueurs, is craft-made and follows the ancient Valle d’Aosta distillers tradition to ensure that the alpine herbs at the base of their products preserve all the fragrance and healthful properties of the mountain. Like any authentic old-style mountain Amaro, Benefort of the Distilleria Alpe is a completely natural Amaro, produced from the blend of over twenty types of flowers, roots and alpine herbs, including the “Benefort”, which in Valle d’Aosta dialect refers to Artemisia Absintium: the Assenzio Romano. The Amaro Benefort recipe is a creation of Armando Calvetti, the founder of the Distillery, who used his pharmaceutical chemistry knowledge and his botany experience to make this Amaro with a very peculiar taste and fabulous digestive properties. Today Amaro Benefort faithfully reflects the original recipe both in raw materials and in the production process. Botanicals, including Assenzio Romano, Rhubarb, China, Gentian, Yarrow and Cardamom, are infused in alcohol for a period of about sixty days. At the end of this period, part of the infusion is then steam-distilled, following the accurate Valle d’Aosta liquor techniques. By combining the infusion, the distillate and a solution of water and sugar, you get the Amaro Benefort. At the first impact, tasting this mountain Amaro, the herbs bitter notes stand out, but in the remarkable persistence the Benefort gives floral and aromatic scents characteristic of Valle d’Aosta territory.

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