Amaro Obsession


Trentino Alto Adige

Nogaredo TN

The history of the Marzadro Distillery begins in a scenario in which poverty left no way out: Italy after World War II. The girls in difficulty, coming mainly from the mountain regions, used to go “in service” in the houses of the lords in search of acceptable living conditions. This sad and harsh reality certainly did not spare Sabina Marzadro, who served for twelve years in the house of a Roman deputy before returning to her region, Trentino Alto Adige, with the firm will to change her life. Sabina’s dream was to undertake the art of distillation to produce good Grappa with the pomace that evaporated in the courtyards of the houses of the winemakers. To get out of this sad condition of poverty, commitment and effort were the daily rule. He succeeded in having a small alambic still built by the famous calderaio Arnoldi, the year of the turning point came in 1949, when the courtyard of the Marzadro house began to receive the first carts full of pomace. Sabina, in the time that the distillation left her free, never missed an opportunity to climb the mountains to collect and study the wild alpine herbs, the roots and the berries of the area to infuse them in her Grappa. In its extreme precision, Sabina used to write down notes and details in a notebook: a precious treasure of knowledge passed on to her brother Attilio, who has now become the undisputed expert on Grappa. Asperula, Mugo, Nettle, Juniper and Ruta are only a small part of the botanicals studied and described by Sabina in her breviary. It is from this strong passion for herbs and botanics handed down from generation to generation that Amaro Marzadro is born, a tribute to the liqueurs of the Trentino tradition. Since the 1950s the plants and aromatic herbs used in the Marzadro Distillery were hand-picked by Sabina and Attilio, today, similarly, the botanicals for the production of Amaro Marzadro are carefully hand-picked on the Monte Baldo massif at 2218 meters of altitude. The Alpine Rhubarb, the Gentian Major, the White Vine, the Camomile, the Fennel, the Cardo Santo, the Galega and the different varieties of Achillea are left to macerate in cold in first quality alcohol for a period that varies between 20 and 30 days. With 30 ABV, Amaro Marzadro has a bright red color donated by the Alpine Rhubarb, the perfume is herbaceous and aromatic, its taste is bitter and the aftertaste fresh. Every single sip of Amaro Marzadro transmits all the wisdom and passion of the Marzadro Family and brings to mind images of uncontaminated alpine landscapes. This wonderful Amaro is excellent drunk neat or on the rocks at the end of a meal, but it releases all its characteristic notes in the mixing of unique cocktails, aperitifs or after dinner.

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