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Today Amaro Obsession wants to tell you about the Foletto Family. Not the story of a simple Trentino Alto Adige distillery, but the reality of a family of pharmacists with a passion for botany, especially those of Valle del Ledro. It all began in 1900 when Giovanni Foletto first took over the laboratory, then the entire pharmacy and finally became its owner. His son Angelo, a great flora expert, dedicated his whole life to botanicals, inventing and trading medicinal products based on herbs. His work and his passion continued with his son Achille, who kept the family business handing it down to his three sons, currently owners: Annamaria, Chiara and Alberto. Now they produce syrups and liqueurs with professionalism, care and love, as they have always been taught, maintaining the craftsmanship and tradition of the Foletto Family. Today we have chosen to describe you Amaro Ledro because this product contains the love, characteristics and passion of this family. Ten botanicals of which most present in Valle del Ledro where the historic Pharmacy was born: Genzianella, Alchemilla, Eritrea, Frangula, Rhubarb, Artichoke, Geum, Anise and Sweet Orange. On the nose the herbaceous notes stand out with hints of Sweet Orange. The more pronounced hint in the tasting is the pleasant sensation of freshness given by the Alpine botanicals that transmit harmony and roundness to the palate with tannins. The finish has an excellent persistence during which the hints of all the components expertly measured by the apothecary are perceived. Served neat at room temperature it is warm and enveloping, on the rocks has a more linear organoleptic profile. In mixing it is very versatile: its tannic and aromatic notes make it suitable not only for the preparation of aperitif cocktails but also for characterizing and corroborating aromas and flavors of drinks suitable for every moment of the day.

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