Amaro Obsession


Trentino Alto Adige

Termeno BZ

It was 1946 when Gottfried Roner began to distill, installing a first still in the family property. His production began with the Grappa and, after the first successes, Mr. Roner enriched his product portfolio by macerating in the Grappa roots and berries of the surrounding woods, as the tradition of the territory. He then began to produce what are still the flagships of Distillerie Roner: Gentian Liquor, Blueberry Liqueur and Juniper Liqueur. In the mid-sixties, Andreas and Guenther Roner, strong not only of having grown up among the stills but also kissed by luck for having inherited the exceptional nose of their father Gottfried, enter the company, whose growth gives an acceleration. A new Grappa distillery was built, a bottling plant, a new fruit distillery, production was expanded and an a laboratory for analysis was inaugurated in the distilley. In 2007, Karin Roner, active in the company since very young, after having gained experience in all departments, carry the torch and accepts the challenge of becoming CEO. She is the architect of the last company extension dating back to 2007, with the inauguration of the new area that houses the bottling lines and a fully automated warehouse. The concrete result and demonstration that the management is right, is the fact that, among many other awards, in 2010 the prize was awarded as “Distiller of the Year”. In their remarkable product portfolio, among Grappe, fruit distillates and liqueur, we find the Alpine Amaro Alpler. Alpler is a really bitter Amaro! His recipe was created and developed in the Middle Ages in a friary of the area that at the time produced it for its healing virtues and rightly called it “elixir of long life”. During the Sixties the number of confreres in the convent fell so much that they had to interrupt the production of the Alpler. At the time, as well as today, the Roner Family sang in the choir of the Church of Termeno and, with the distillery in full growth, it was an idea of ​​the Prior proposing to continue the tradition of the Alper giving them the secret recipe. The Master Distiller was enthusiastic and since then the Roner Distilleries have been producing Alpler. The recipe, varied only to decrease the alcohol content (40 ABV), involves the use of chamomile, gentian and licorice, but the other botanicals present in Alpler are a jealously guarded secret. In the tasting, at the nose prevails intense notes of herbs and roots including chamomile and juniper, while the palate recognizes licorice and gentian that give a commendable persistence to Alpler.

Anyone wishing more information on this magnificent Amaro can contact:

Roner Distillerie S.p.a.

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Martina Proietti