Amaro Obsession



Muravera, Ca

In 1990 Paolo Melis and Enrico Diana decided to give life to a Myrtle different from the Sardinian tradition, bottling a Myrtle with the scent of flowers and honey flavor. Thus, after a few years, the work of the Bresca Dorada liqueur was consolidated, precisely by Paolo and Enrico, both born and raised in families of beekeepers, and it is honey that is the company’s fortune. A liquor factory created to restore the sincere reflection of those who founded and managed it for thirty years. The company was founded in 1986 and since then has always grown in full respect of the territory, the gastronomic tradition, the island’s ethics, in an attempt to bring into the tables an authentic Sardinian spirit, tasty, genuine, with a smile in his mouth. The company is spread over 7 hectares of Mediterranean scrub that seem immediately an oasis, a paradise scented with amazing essences: like bees and like to Paolo and Enrico. The lands are bought, inhabited, loved. For years there is produced excellent honey. Only time later honey mixes with myrtle and the resulting product is exceptional, unique, balsamic, fragrant, creamy, in short, it is the Red Myrtle of Sardinia signed Bresca Dorada. Consolidated their Myrtle, the top product of the company Bresca Dorada, Paolo and Emilio after 4 years of tests and experiments with over 40 infusions of herbs and aromatic plants, gathered from the Gennargentu mountains to the eastern coasts of Sardinia, in search of the difficult balance between the amaricant, balsamic, spicy and citrus notes have created this Amaro Mirtamaro in which the infusion of myrtle berries embellishes the notes of herbal infusions, are part of this mix medicinal herbs like Elicrisio, Rosemary, Corbezzolo, Lentischio, Juniper, Lavander, Fillirea, Erica, Eucalipto and Malva, among the aromatic and medicinal plants of which Sardinia is very rich. The production of the Amaro begins with the hydroalcoholic infusion, in stainless steel tanks, of a mixture of herbs and plants, dried and fresh, finely ground. During the slow infusion lasting some months the aromatic parts are gently extracted from the alcohol solution. In the production of Mirtamaro we must also remember that dyes, aromas and stabilizers are not used, it is a totally natural product and all waste materials are sent to a company in Northern Italy that regenerates them through the creation of other products for everyday use. At the end of the infusion, when the vegetable part is now exhausted, the infusion is spilled and the herbs are still impregnated with pressed alcohol to recover precious aromatic parts. The filtered infusion is added to a syrup of water and sugar. After reaching the expected alcohol content of 30% vol. and have verified it together with the ph. in the internal laboratory, an organoleptic evaluation is carried out which, if positive, will allow its bottling. Mirtamaro is not filtered according to the methods normally used, but is subjected only to light filtration with twisted cotton cartridge filters before bottling. In tasting Mirtamaro with every sip, we were able to fully enjoy the sensations and emotions that this Amaro taste of wild but delicate can transmit you in evoking the island of Sardinia, with its herbaceous flavors to start and then myrtle is imposing its strong character leaving a prolonged pleasure to the palate.

In the eventuality you would like to be kidnapped by the flavors and aromas of Sardinia you can request your Mirtamaro to:

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