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Pisticci Scalo Mt

In the back-shop of his biscuit factory in Pisticci, Cavalier Pasquale Vena created a blend of herbs with a balanced but decisive flavor, with unmistakable citrus and floral notes. So Amaro Lucano was born. Over the years Amaro Lucano as never has accompanied the life of the Italians reaching even the most refined palates of the royal House of Savoy, of which the vein family became the official supplier. Amaro Lucano crossed unthinkable boundaries thanks to great publicity campaigns that amplified the notoriety of the Amaro and transformed it from local product to liquor appreciated all over the world. But it is in the years ’80, that Amaro Lucano achieves immortality in the heart of each citizen globally through a broad campaign of communication, mainly television, with the unmistakable claim that still presents Amaro Lucano in the world: “What more could you want from life? A Lucano!” The passion has been handed down from generation to generation and today Pasquale Vena, grandson of the founder, his wife Rosistella and his sons Leonardo, Francesco and Letizia, work with the same determination and passion that in the years brought Amaro Lucano to success. And it is thanks to Leonardo that Amaro Obsession meets in every part of the world, that we learn many unpublished details of the new Amaro Lucano Anniversario. Leonardo Vena begins immediately telling us that we obtained the old recipe during the implementation of an important project within the company Pisticci Scalo (which we will talk about shortly), popped up some old recipes of the great-grandfather Pasquale Vena antecedent to the opening period of the Liquport in 1894 including that of Amaro Lucano Anniversario. The new Amaro Lucano Anniversario is not a reserve, produced with botanicals untraceable or aged in who knows what barrel, but much more, Amaro Lucano Anniversario represents the dream of the great-grandfather Pasquale, to make a version of Amaro Lucano more robust and bitter, with more character than the original formula. The botanicals are the same 30 botanicals used for Amaro Lucano, but dosed in different quantities in the final mixture and the alcoholic grade is higher, 34% abv versus 28% of the classical. It is born that a more male and more tied product to the Amaro type of the Old World, where the sweetness and sweetness leave room to a liquor that wraps the palate and overwhelms the throttle with pleasant strength, and the bitterness of herbs and roots that compose it prevails over the force of sugar, and give full satisfaction to the taste buds guaranteeing a really good salivation. Amaro Lucano Anniversario also marks the year 0 of the F.lli Vena Holding, in fact the finding of the old recipe took place during restructuring and extension work on the company to bring about the very world’s very important museum, which will present itself to the global public with its name ESSENZA in May 2019. Essenza will be telling the story of the Vena family in the 120 years of history that accompanied it, a place where modernity and tradition will meet as in the life of all the days of the liquor, there will be modern and multimedia spaces, but also a wonderful botanical garden on the scale of the ancient conventional Gardens born from the example of the salernitana school born around 1000 bc.

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