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Many times the quality is found in the tradition and in the small liqueur companies, like Gorfer a small company of Modena with almost 70 years of activity on the shoulders, a company that takes care of the production in a maniacal way and which presents itself to the public with Beautiful bottles, whose colorful packaging is very appealing. The company Gorfer was founded by Gorni and Ferraguti, in 1950 to Mirandola of Modena as an Acetificio, later converted into a distillery. Giuseppe Miotto and Giuseppe Digito, known as “Pino”, took over the activity a few years later and acquired it in 1955, transforming it into a opificio. The passion and experience of Giuseppe and Pino has led to the creation of real milestones of the Emilian liqueur tradition, such as the characteristic plum liqueur that has become a symbol of the gorfer. The company also stands out for the production of Nocino, the traditional Modenese liqueur. The competence in the production of this product led in 1963 the then owners to boast the role of co-founders of the consortium of the Nocino. The activity continues today thanks to the new management of Italian Art of Living s.r.l. and the support of “Pino” for The supervision of production. Iaol (Italian Art of Living) is a company born with the aim to spread the Italian food and wine culture in the world. To achieve this objective, IAOL devotes itself to the selection of products of excellence of the local traditions and to the constant search of new flavours to be exploited. In this way the company intends to support the development of the national Territories not naturally suited to tourism, promoting the activities of small producers as farmers and craftsmen. The products are identified and then brought to the international market, suggesting their methods of consumption. In fact, Iaol aims to intrigue and excite the consumers of the Alps to entice them to visit the production sites directly, on the one hand to show them the production chains, on the other to allow the meeting with the producers. In Gorfer portfolio we also find the Sambuca, the amaretto, and other recently created liqueurs such as the liqueur Rosolio in the Mint version, the red aperitif, licorice, Orange and others dedicated to cooking and pastry like alchermes, The dessert mix and the maraschino. From the tasting to the meditation, from the Amaro to the preparation of sweets, until you reach new occasions of use like the aperitif, the liqueurs Gorfer can be appreciated in the most different ways. All the Gorfer liqueurs are entirely processed in the Opificio di Mirandola of Modena. The ingredients used are 100% Italian, no GMO and all gluten-free products. Despite the recent technological innovation of the machinery, much of the processing is still carried out manually, “as it once was”, respecting the natural timing of food processing. The company Gorfer produces also a wonderful Fernet, the protagonist of our space today, a product that from the first sip surprises for complexity, intensity of flavors and persistence on the palate. The Fernet Gorfer is an Amaro with a very strong flavour with rich bitter notes and a delicately spicy aftertaste, where the sugar part is at minimum quantities. It is the Fernet at 50 ° …like that of once, for those who do not want to live of compromises. To Gorfer counts more the question of the responsible consumption obtained through the education of the consumer in a logic of well-being and moderation rather than the unilateral reduction of the alcoholic degree which would distort the very nature of the product and the Its digestive characteristics.

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