Amaro Obsession



Tocco da Casauria, PE

Centerba is a product that can be found in the productions of many regions of Italy, but certainly the authorship of this Amaro is from Abruzzo. It is thanks to the apothecaries of religious orders that its genesis is due and its origins lie within the walls of the Abbey of San Clemente in Casauria. In the following years the historic and abbey recipe was perfected by the expert hands of the pharmacist Beniamino Toro who reworked its composition to treat cholera and plague patients in 1817. Today the Centerba 72, dedicated to the year of Enrico Toro’s birth by the hand by Roberto Toro and his son Enrico in 1972, it is produced by following his secret bicentennial recipe and a good part of the almost one hundred botanical herbs, including some varieties of Wild Mint, part of the mix, which are still collected by hand on the slopes of the Morroni and Maiella mountains. Their long maceration in high quality alcohol and the infusion in special containers guarantees a unique product, of sure goodness and quality.

Tasting exam:

Alcohol content: 70% Vol.

Color: Emerald green

Smell: Intense herbal scent of the medicinal pharmacopoeia

Taste: Intense and vegetal with strong notes of fresh grass

Aftertaste: Warm and intoxicating with a long vegetal persistence

Martina Proietti