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In Emilia Romagna the production of liqueurs has always been a deeply felt tradition and one of the historic Companies is certainly the Liquorificio Osvaldo Colombo which has its roots in the production of liqueurs already in 1905, boasting for this the name of historic Emilian Company. The Liquorificio Osvaldo Colombo, located in Salsomaggiore Terme in the province of Parma, has always distinguished itself for the craftsmanship of the production and for the policy of the Company that considers the research and processing of raw materials of fundamental importance. One of the most important products of the Liquorificio Osvaldo Colombo is definitely the Camomillina. Osvaldo Colombo, confectioner in Salsomaggiore and supplier of Her Majesty the Queen Mother, decided to engage in the production of Camomillina  during a salsobromoiodic spa treatments he did. Inspired by an ancient family recipe handed down from generation to generation, he created the recipe of Camomillina Colombo which is still produced today through the cold maceration of various botanicals in high quality alcohol. The main ingredient of the Camomillina Colombo is certainly the Matricaria Chamomilla, of which only the chosen flowers are used, which is carefully processed in order to release all its sedative, tonic, digestive, antispasmodic and diaphoretic benefits and the unmistakable aroma. This Amaro benefits from a particular production technique, which excludes the addition of essences obtained by distillation or of soporific substances, which gives the Camomillina Colombo an accurate fragrance and makes it much more effective than the classic herbal teas. Camomillina Colombo is about to be tasted in various ways, both neat hot with a lemon peel and as a digestive after meal with the addition of ice and, why not, mixed in the creation of innovative cocktails.

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