Amaro Obsession



Liquoristi dal 1858, Distillatori per vocazione dal 1962



Since 1858 a Distilleria dei Dogi production, a family Company of liquorists and distillers for over a century who handed down from generation to generation the passion, intuition, knowledge and skills acquired in years of passion, enthusiasm and experience without sparing.

Quality, innovation, research, professionalism and passion are the distinguishing mark of the Distillerie dei Dogi, now also consolidated by numerous partnerships with leading global companies.

Their flagship product, Amaro Santa Maria al Monte is a typical amaro, product by a cold infusion of 36 botanicals including herbs, rhizomes, flowers, roots, bark, seeds, resins and ground leaves originating from 4 continents with which they produce alcoholic infusions, extracts and decoctions which, when properly mixed, preserve the beneficial properties found in the product. Among the ingredients come from Europe polio montano, juniper, gentian, saffron and absinthe; from Asia rhubarb, nutmeg and myrrh; from Africa aloe of the chief and china calisaia; from South America cola nuts in a vine alcohol base. The recipe, which has never been modified since 1858, is secret and has been handed down for five generations by the fathers of the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte in Genoa. After the French Revolution that canceled the privileges of the clergy by closing all the monasteries, ordering the dissolution of the conventual orders and forcing the friars and monks to diaspora, the production outside the convent, which was cured by the liquorist Nicola Vignale, began at the end of the nineteenth century; since then, Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia has been among his habitual consumers. The production of this wonderful product was created as said by a classic cold infusion process that requires about two months to be complete and guarantees the extraction of the noble parts of plants rich in healing properties. After eight months of maturation, alcohol and sugar are added to the preparation and only after another six months of maturation is an amaro 40-degree alcohol, with a full and round taste, famous for the perfect harmony of aromas and the great digestive properties that make it unique and inimitable. Last detail to satisfy your curiosity concerns the beautiful label of this amaro, which from the beginning was distinguished by the typical well-known effigy of the sacred image, later filed and patented in 1910.

Matteo Zed